Combo Classes Ballet/Jazz & Ballet/Tap

combo class photo2

Perfect for the younger student, this class is designed as an introduction to dance. The class will explore movement through music, stimulate students’ imagination and promote creativity. It will also give them an understanding of the classroom community, improve social skills and develop fine motor skills all while having fun!  The dancers will learn the first fundamentals of beginning ballet positions and step as well as learning to count to music.  In a combination ballet/jazz class the dancer will also learn the beginning techniques to jazz dance . Jazz dance is done to fun upbeat  music and is like the mainstream dance you see on television today.  If the dancer is enrolled in a ballet and tap class they will learn the beginning techniques of tap dancing.

Combo Attire

Attire is any nice dance outfit. Pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Combination ballet and jazz only need ballet shoes, combination ballet tap they will need black taps shoes. If parents can find tap shoes with Velcro this is best. Hair should be pulled back away from the face.

tap shoe
ballet slipper