Ballet is a classical dance form.  Ballet is one of the most important classes in a dancers training, as it is the foundation for all other dance forms. Ballet is often characterized by grace, precision of movement, elaborate steps and poses; a theatrical presentation of dancing to a musical accompaniment, usually with costumes and scenes to conveying a story or theme. Body movements are usually choreographed to classical music. Dancers begin with exercises at the barre and then move into the center of the room and across the floor for more technical training. Our dancers begin classical ballet training around the age of 7 with a class called Ballet 1. The dancer will usually train in a level for two to three years before advancing to the next level.  Dancers must be proficient in all the skills of a level before they will advance to the next level.

Danza Dance Academy’s ballet curriculum is mostly the Russian method of Vaganova and Balanchine.  These methods originated in Russia and have very expressive upper body work accompanied with extensive lower body strengthening. This is also the chosen method for the Colorado Ballet.

Girls Ballet Attire

ballet shoesBlack leotard, Ballet Pink Conversion Tights, Pink leather or canvas split soled ballet shoes and hair in a slick bun no bangs or loose hair.

Leotards can be of any cut. They can be long sleeved, tank, short sleeves, etc. as long as they are black with no skirts attached. If the dancer feels a bra is needed, black is the appropriate dress code color for going under the leotard.

ballet girlOur tights are a Ballet Pink. This color sometimes appears to be a pinkish tan color. We prefer conversion tights for our dancers. Conversion tights have a hole at the bottom of the foot. The hole allows the dancer access to their toes when needed.

Pre Pointe & Pointe classes are by audition only. The dancer needs to be around 12 years of age and must have had several years of ballet classes prior to pre pointe training.

Boys Ballet Attire

ballet boyWhite t-shirt, black leggings or sweat pants, black socks and black ballet shoes.